What We Do

We Are A Burton-based Ale Drinking Society!

The town of Burton-on-Trent is bursting at the seams with a rich cultural heritage that is quintessentially English – and what could be more English than Ale?

We are a group of around 30 passionate drinkers who love sampling the finest Beers, Ciders, Lagers and Ales that our country has to offer. Far from being picky elitists, we are always more than happy to try out new kinds of drink – although there’ll away be a special spot in our hearts for ale.

Despite being a relatively small town of just over 70,000, there are a whole host of pubs and bars to visit.

Thanks, in large part to the proliferation of craft ales in the public consciousness, we now have better access than ever to the products of the dozens of breweries that are cropping up all over the country every year.

What do you do exactly?

A Real Ale Society is a thoroughly British organisation that revels in tasting and exploring new kinds of ales. There’s a whole world of delicious drinks out there to trial – with a whole smorgasbord of taste notes to identify. Why drink the same boring lager every night, when you could be pioneering new lands of flavour with unique craft ales?


There are countless Food & Ale Festivals that are held in the UK all year round, so when we’re not in one of Burton’s many wonderful pubs trying out new ales, you can find us all on the road travelling to Festivals and tasting our hearts out. On top of that, we also organise regular tours to Micro-Breweries to get to grips with the methods that go into making our favourite drinks.

Why Burton ‘CAMRA’?

camralogoAlthough this particular domain used to be affiliated with the, now booming, CAMRA society – one of our members saw that this domain was up for grabs and thought it was too good of an opportunity to miss out on.

We here at the Burton Real Ale Society are all CAMRA members but we must stress that the views expressed here are not representative of CAMRA as a whole.

Where do I sign up?

All are welcome to join, whether you live in Burton or not!

Of course, if you have a genuine interest in Real Ales, then our recommendation is that the first thing you should do is get yourself signed up to CAMRA through their website. Beyond that, it’s always worth asking around at your local pubs to see if there’s a Society closer to where you are, that gets up to similar kinds of activities.

If you’d like to see when our next meeting is and get involved, then simply pop your details in the box below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!