Cooper’s Tavern – Northern Traditions Alive & Well

A cosy corner of Burton that is quintessentially Northern.

Mary Bagley has been the lady behind the taps of The Coopers Tavern for the last 10 years and she’s certainly not in the habit of letting her standards slip.

coopers-1Part of a long lineage of pubs that look like houses, The Coopers is emblematic of the ingrained nature of the Northern drinking culture. The gorgeously domestic pubs are settled deep within the suburban sectors of the city, allowing thirsty industrial workers of yore to nip in to the boozer on their way home from work.

The interior has been well looked after over the years. Unlike other boozers of it’s lineage, it’s resisted the allure of modern accoutrements such as glitzy advertising signs and flashing quiz machines. It’s staunchly loyal clientele have ensured that the decor has remained more or less the same for the last forty years – without any pretension.

coopers-2Landlady Mary has been serving pints for the entirety of her working life and managing Public Houses for nearly half that time.

Her experience shows in the cleanliness of her establishment and the variety of quality ales on offer. Her staff have also been well trained, treating each pint with the deference and respect that it deserves. As with any good drinking establishment, it’s the smaller details that make this place a real cut above the rest.

coopersFrom the immaculately kept paved beer garden, to the embroidered cushions dotted around the the booths and seating areas; every inch of The Cooper’s Tavern is given a personal touch that you simply wouldn’t be able to find in a chain-run establishment.

Unlike the brash eagerness of a newly opened bar, with it’s attempt at trying every little gimmick and fashionable trend, Mary has had the time and experience to simply know what works and what doesn’t. 

Slowly introducing weekly live events like Acoustic Sessions on the weekends has kept the house busy during quieter times. whilst the bar has also started selling locally made Pork Pies – a nod to the great Northern tradition of pie-making, whilst also a cheap and efficient way of keeping punters well fed between pints!

The Coopers has won several CAMRA awards over the year, quite deservedly.

It represents what is good and wholesome about English pubs – proving that, if done well, the traditional English Public House is far from a dying industry.